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Norsemen Brewing Co.

One Of The Best Microbreweries In Alberta!

Welcome to the Norsemen Brewing Co. We hope you savour the casual atmosphere, delicious food, friendly service and the fresh beer brewed right here. The Microbrewery is located mere steps away from the entrance.

Clean Fresh Beer

Every one of our beers is created using only select ingredients – Alberta barley and imported specialty grains. Each brew is produced in small batches by our brewmasters ensuring your beer is the very freshest possible.

Clean draught lines = Pure, fresh beer

The Norsemen Brewing Co. serves the very best in the craft-brewed beer. That’s why we pour from beer lines that are meticulously flushed, cleaned and sterilized. Fresh. Great tasting. That’s what we’re all about.

Cold aged for abundant flavour

The fresh beer we served is cold-aged for a minimum of three weeks, ensuring supreme flavour at maturity. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, preservative free…simply pure. No fillers. Poured directly from the aging tank into your glass. The freshest beer possible.

Fresh Seasonal Brewed Beer On Tap Now!

Blackberry Epic Oatmeal Stout

Limited edition.

Blackberry Epic oatmeal stout pours deep black, topped with a crown of creamy mocha colored head. Bountiful with notes of rich chocolate, blackberries and warming espresso. Epic oatmeal stout lives up to its name, delivering a flavor that's larger than life.

5 percent a.b.v.

Regular Selection

Longship Lager

A crisp, refreshing lager without being bland. It harmonizes light hops and specialty Alberta malts for an elegant finish that complements any occasion. 5 percent a.b.v.

*Because we choose not to filter our beer and have it retain its vitamin, minerals and nutrients we must go through a lengthy and laborious process of gently moving the beer off the settling yeast over a period of time so when it is received in your glass it is pristine clear.*